Corporate Business Road Show Private Jet Charter

Corporate Business Road Show Private Jet Charter

Corporate and entertainment road shows have very high demands to running smoothly and safely.  Detail in a road show change frequently and have to be met immediately.  There really is no room for error, when your business or entertainment group needs to arrive at a specific time.  Problems are inevitable…but troubleshooting should be quick and as seamless as possible.  With Studio Jet’s Corporate Road Show planning team, the troubleshooting happens before the trouble begins.  Your assigned road show coordinator will be intimately involved in the details of your private flights, cars, hotels, food and specialty requests to ensure that if something unexpected does arise, they can resolve it as quickly as possible, so your corporate road show doesn’t miss a beat.

When it comes to corporate road show private jets, there is one thing that is for certain…jets are machines and they are not immune to breaking down.  With commercial travel, if something happens to the plane you are booked on, you would be lucky if you can get on a replacement within 6 hours, however with charter, we are ready with back up jet connections for just that very case.  Typical replacement aircraft can be dispatched within 2 hours.  There have even been times, when we Studio Jet even had a replacement aircraft in under an hour.  To ensure that the corporate road show goes smoothly, we check, double check and triple check the itinerary and every detail along the way…and then we check it again throughout the business road show to make sure everything is going according to plan…and if not, we make adjustments on the fly to meet your needs.

If you are looking to book a private jet corporate road show and need quality all the way through…then don’t save a few dollars and risk take chances with companies that aren’t really equipped to handle your corporate road show.  Give Studio Jet a call today at 818-769-3535.

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