Covid19 – Safe Private Jet Charter

Studio Jet prides itself on being an industry leader in security and safety practices, which makes ensuring that our affiliates and operators meet our strict guidelines for safety, our passion.  All Studio Jet aircraft operators meet and exceed all of the safest Covid-19 operations for aircraft travel, worldwide.  When it comes to pilot and passenger […]

Labor Day Private Jets

There are 100s of planes flying empty this weekend. After dropping some clients off and after picking some clients up. If the plane is flying empty, this is a discounted empty leg and may be available to you for your own one-way private jet itinerary. Give us a call today to see if we have […]

Private Jet Charter Just Got More Affordable

Private jets used to be reserved for those lucky enough to be able to afford the opulent lifestyle of the rich and famous, or if you have a friend with a jet. However, private jets have become more accessible in recent times. Private jet charter used to have access to few aircraft with extremely high […]

Charter King Air 200 and 350 in Los Angeles

King Air 200s and 350s are the most popular turbo props available for private charter. They typically seat 6-8 with travel time that is about the same as jets for flights about 1 hour in duration. King Airs are economical and safe aircraft that can handle missions optimally from 1-3 hours in flight time. King […]

Legacy 600/650

The Legacy 600 or 650 is one of the most elite jets. With seating for 9-14 passengers and one of the fastest speeds in its class, this aircraft is sure to impress everyone on board. Featuring a full galley, lavatory, berthable seats, and cabin attendant, this aircraft doesn’t leave much to be desired. Seating Capacity: […]

High Quality Safety Protocol for COVID-19 Coronavirus on Studio Jet Charter Flights

With all the question and concern surrounding COVID-19, we want our clients to rest assured that as our world goes through the adjustment period in dealing with the coronavirus, we are doing a lot to go above and beyond to keep our client’s and their guests healthy, safe, and comfortable on all aircraft chartered through […]

New York Private Jet Rental

Renting a private jet out of the New York or New Jersey area can be quite confusing. There are many jet companies, aircraft types and even several airports available in the New York metropolitan area. This is why using a top level jet charter broker is critical to the safety of your family, co-workers or […]

Private Medical Flights

Emergencies are a part of life. They happen unexpectedly, when we aren’t ready. Some emergencies require an immediate evacuation from a city, others require an immediate flight to a city. In all of these cases, time is of high importance, and commercial flight delays and finding the exact flight we need, just don’t work. During […]

You Deserve a Break – So Fly Private for Spring Break 2020

Taking Time off is Important It doesn’t matter if it’s Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall – we all need a break, and the time of year doesn’t matter.  It could be a winter break to the ski slopes of Vail or Aspen, Colorado or a summer getaway to Hawaii or the Caribbean.  Maybe your taking […]

President’s Day Private Jets

It’s tough enough flying commercially during a regular time of year, but flying during a holiday can subject you to major delays, flight cancellations, full uncomfortable flights and more inconveniences most people would rather not experience. This year, why not let Studio Jet Aircraft Charter get you from there to here or from here to […]