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5 Common Jet Charter Questions

1. What is the best way to find a flight?

By visiting our website, you can find an array of information regarding our jets, background, and safety. You also will find the ability to request a quote that will allow you to talk to a professional on our team one-on-one to determine the best flight for you. 

2. What is the best aircraft for me and what will it cost?

The answers depend on the flight route, length of the flight, and how many passengers are on board. With our experience, we will always advise clients on the most suitable aircraft. We will always provide you with solutions to your needs.

A major advantage of chartering a private jet or private aircraft is flexibility. Flying private allows you to travel to multiple cities in one day. You no longer have to wait in long lines or stress about booking flights that fit your schedule. 

A private, chartered aircraft gives your business more productivity than flying scheduled airlines. Business jets allow for, more opportunities and efficiency.

After knowing your specifications, submit a request to our website so we can prepare your quote and help you meet your requirements.

3. Private Jets, Where can I go?

Private flights are flexible in ways that a commercial airport cannot offer. Private charter flights have the capability to access airports that scheduled airlines are not able to operate from. Along with this, arriving 2 hours before your flight is not necessary. 30 minutes before your flight takes off is plenty when you charter a private jet. 

4. How much prior notice do I need to give when booking a private aircraft?

The more notice we have, the better we can serve you. However, we pride ourselves that even at a moment’s notice we can make the best situation to fit your requirements. Availability will depend on other scheduled private flights and the location they are charter to-and-from, especially with international flights.

5. Is chartering a private aircraft a safe form of travel?

Safety is the most important priority for all Studio Jet Charter flights. Several independent companies, including ARG/US and Wyvern, certify or approve charter aircraft that meet their specific strict aircraft charter safety standards. These standards not only meet, but exceed the FAA’s basic requirements for charter aircraft operations, maintenance, and crew requirements. The Studio Jet flight operations team carefully researches, selects and utilizes aircraft that have these such certifications and have an excellent safety record with the most reputable high-level aircraft.

Accommodating your next private flight is easy when booking through Studio Jet. Even in a moment’s notice, we can get you to your next location for vacation or business travel with safety and in style. We offer a variety of private jets to charter from that are sure to meet your needs while offering you lavish comfort and gourmet food. 

Book your next private jet charter flight today!