Why Studio Jet, when there are so many private jet charter companies?

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Why Studio Jet, when there are so many private jet charter companies?

When selecting a company to handle your private jet transportation, there are many choices.  With hundreds of jet charter companies, worldwide, the choice isn’t easy…but, if you understand what makes a private jet charter company different, the choice should be a lot easier.


Did you know that there are many companies who are FAA certified, but don’t necessarily comply with the proper Part 135 charter regulations?  How do you know the company you are about to spend $20,000 with is one of the good ones?  How do you know the plane you are about the step on, had its required 100 hour inspection by a qualified mechanic?  How many accidents are reported each year, which are caused by poor aircraft maintenance?

Even though jet charter companies are regulated by the FAA for aircraft maintenance and crew training requirements, there are still varying levels of the standards by which each company keeps.  For example, for a chartered aircraft to land at an airport, the FAA only requires it to be able to land in shorter than 60% of the runway’s length.  What’s if the runway is wet or icy?  Those requirements might not be enough.  Would you want your pilot landing at an airport and stop just short of the fence at the end of the runway?  We certainly don’t want that to happen to our clients.

The FAA’s requirements, while providing a nice starting point, don’t necessarily reflect real life flight scenarios.  Studio Jet Charter services, however, has strict guidelines for charter aircraft safety, maintenance and crew training.  Our goal is to provide our clients with the safest maintained aircraft in the industry with highly trained crew and aircraft operators that not only meet, but exceed the FAAs standards.

But it doesn’t end there…In addition to a charter aircraft operator’s standards, Studio Jet’s Charter department has it’s own set of standards.  Because Studio Jet Charter was formed by actual pilots with thousands of hours of real life experience in the field, we’ve seen, the good, the bad and the dangerous, to know how we can keep our clients out of trouble.  Our team is constantly learning and evolving to the ever changing challenges faced with the private charter industry and our client’s demanding requirements.  Every private charter flight booked with Studio Jet is analyzed by the charter department, for potential weather issues, runways restrictions, passenger requirements and all of the other details needed to ensure the our clients have the smoothest possible experience.

So, don’t literally leave your safety to chance…trust Studio Jet to watch your back and make sure that you, your family and your guests are safe and comfortable.  We tell our clients that we would never put them on any plane that we wouldn’t put our own family on.

Cal us today and discuss your private jet travel needs with a caring Studio Jet Charter professional: 818-769-3535