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Corporate Road Shows
and Executive Business Jet Charter

Corporate meetings have become necessary in effectively closing  business deals, when phone calls or video conferences just won’t cut it.  Traveling plays an important role in accomplishing these meetings and developing business relationships.  When business travel is involved, especially, to a distant destination, jet charters are considered to be the most reliable options.

Reliable and Safe Aircraft

Studio Jet fills these corporate requirements with its extensive network of premiere corporate and executive jet charter aircraft.  As a client of Studio Jet, you will have access to any type of executive aircraft anytime you need with our 24 hour service. Our network of executive jet charters consists of executive helicopters to twin engine propeller planes to Lear jets, Gulfstream jets, Hawkers, Boeing 747s and everything in between.

With the tremendous experience of Studio Jet’s executive jet charter team, you can take advantage of local and long distance corporate jet charter services and make your business tour or corporate road show a true success.  Along with the standard jet charter services, Studio Jet possesses various other incredible advantages over other executive jet charter service providers.

Dedicated Personal Travel Coordinator for Your Entire Road Show

Corporate Road Shows are serious business. You simply can’t afford to loose time, money or have any glitches. What if you could have a dedicated staff handling every aspect of your show?

Corporate and special event road show are difficult to put together, let alone run smoothly.  With so many aspects that need to fall into place, road shows need all the help they can get.  Studio Jet Road Show services assigns every trip and road show a dedicated travel coordinator, who carefully manages the entire road show from start to finish, to make sure your cars are on time, food is delivered, aircraft are ready to go and you are well taken care of.  From pre-arranging the schedule to keeping up with last minute changes, private jets and limousine services are critical in assuring on time departures and arrivals.

Troubleshooting Before It Becomes Real

The big question is always…what’s if?  That’s a great question and one that should never be left to chance.  Studio Jet assigns a charter coordinator to each and every trip and corporate road show, who’s job it is to anticipate issues and fix them before they have time to become one.  This includes backup cars, planes and a plan that will ensure the least possible amount of down time, while keeping an eye on your budget.

Everyone knows that aircraft can have mechanical issues and cars can break down.  In these scenarios, getting back up and running as quickly as possible is key.  While getting a replacement aircraft for a commercial issue can take hours or even prevent you from departing the same day, with Studio Jet’s corporate coordination team, our average aircraft replacement time is about 2-4 hours – faster than the industry standard.  These are the types of things that Studio Jet has been able to do for it’s clients’ during critical business trips –  which is what keeps them coming back.  It’s not about the easy trips…it’s about piece of mind knowing that you have a dedicated team of travel professionals, standing by 24 hours a day, watching your back to make sure you are taken care of and not just left in the dark.

Simply Book a Flight or Hire an Experienced Travel Company?

You are our priority.  Let us show you the true Studio Jet difference and our commitment to your next project.  Call for more information: 818-769-3535.