One-Way Discounted Empty Leg Jet Charter

Did you know that you can charter a jet for half price or even less?  Yes, it’s true, empty leg jet charter, otherwise known as “deadhead flights” is a little known secret that allows anyone to charter jets which are already scheduled to fly empty, at a discounted rate…sometimes for half the price or less.

So, yes, even with a luxury service, such as private jet charter…you CAN still get discounted private jet charter pricing. When a one way aircraft charter flight is booked, many times, the aircraft has to return to its original airport, or has to reposition to another airport for its next flight. In cases like this, the plane will be flying empty to its destination. This is known as an empty leg or a one-way jet charter flight. Because the aircraft charter operators like to capitalize on these empty legs, if possible, rather than fly the plane empy, they offer these empty leg charter flights at a discounted rate, often times, much less than a typical retail private jet charter would cost.

If you are looking for a one-way flight and are considering charter, but want a discounted rate, call us to see if there is an EMPTY LEG available for your routing. You may be surprised at how low we can get the pricing for you…

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We have also launched a new web site that allows you to search for empty legs, yourself.  Visit Sky500.com to check your routing or book a new flight!