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About Studio Jet
Hint: Safety and Reliability
Comes First, Second and Third.

We have been told by our clients that we are unlike other executive and private jet charter companies they have used…

With over 20 years in the business, Studio Jet Aircraft Charter is one of the few companies which truly has its clients’ best interest in mind from booking to landing.

Studio Jet has been providing clients with elite private jet services for a really long time, and have seen just about everything possible….What we discovered, was, that unlike many other companies, which services stop after you have booked the aircraft – With Studio Jet, from the time you book a flight, to the time you land at your destination, every detail is carefully monitored by our experienced staff to ensure your trip goes as smooth as possible.  We monitor the booking process, the days and hours leading up to your your trip, during the flight and even after your plane arrives.  In addition, every client of Studio Jet is assigned a primary charter associate dedicated to your every need and want, so you get to speak with the same person every time you call. We understand that you don’t want to hassle with the details of your trip – which is exactly why our staff is trained to learn about your special requirements and handle every detail – from customs to catering to ground transportation.

Imagine the peace of mind not having to worry about your car being on time or your favorite catering being on every flight. Does the company you use now check your destination to see if there is a closer airport than the one you selected? We do. You shouldn’t have to know about details such as knowing all the smaller airports that might be best for your arrival…that’s our job.

When you book a flight with us…you don’t just get a plane…you get your own personal travel department.

Studio Jet Charter is dedicated to professionalism and efficiency. We aim to get our clients the highest level of executive jet charter service available without having them deal with the trivial details of travel. Studio Jet handles everything so our clients can be free to do what they do best.

As an elite private aircraft broker, we utilize an extensive network of FAA part 135 approved aircraft, from all over the world, to provide our client’s with the safest and most comfortable aircraft available. Our aircraft network is formed by our in-house aviation professionals who carefully select aircraft operators that have among the most consistently safe operating and maintenance records in the industry. We ensure that the pilots have top experience in the aircraft they are assigned to, and engage in regular training courses to ensure that they are up to date at all times.

From ground transportation to executive jet charters (private jet charter), Studio Jet will get you there with one point of contact and in the most efficient manner. Utilizing an extensive network of private aircraft and ground vehicles, Studio Jet will get you the transportation you need in the best aircraft and ground vehicles, and at competitive prices.

Complete travel arrangements can get very complex and that is when you need a travel professional who knows the “ins and outs” of the industry to get you what you need, when you need it.

Studio Jet Charter has been arranging executive travel for years and with priceless experience,  we know how to treat our clients and our vendors to ensure the most seamless and most executive transportation possible.