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5 Questions to Ask When Booking an Empty Leg Flight

An empty leg refers to an empty plane, on the return flight or outbound of an already–booked trip. When an operator has booked the private aircraft to fly only one way, they need to bring that private jet back to its original location or home base.

Empty legs are an opportunity to book private charter flights at a 

highly discounted rate. 

Before you book an empty leg flight, there are questions and factors to take into consideration:

1) What destination is it coming from and what time will it arrive?

Because empty legs do not all come from the same starting location, there time of arrival will vary depending on many factors. Unlike when you fly commercial or book a direct private charter flight, empty legs are less predictable.

2) If there is a change to my flight, will my empty leg still be honored?

When you book a direct private flight, your schedule is accommodated. However, when you book an empty leg, the pilot is going according to the original individual’s schedule. Empty legs are always subject to change. 

3) If the original flight is canceled, is my empty leg affected?

If the original buyer cancels their flight, in turn, the empty leg would also be canceled. This would possibly allow you to snag a direct private charter flight, but not at the same pricing as the empty leg. 

4) Does my empty leg flight have fixed pricing?

Due to possible uncontrolled variables, such as weather, prices are not always guaranteed in these circumstances. Although these are rare situations, in the event this occurs, we will work with you to find the best solution. 

5) How do I book an empty leg flight?

If you are in need to follow a strict schedule, such as a business meeting, an empty flight may not be the best option for you. If you are looking for a spontaneous getaway or family vacation, the benefits of empty legs out way the cons. You could potentially find prices similar to or less than flying coach on a commercial airline by using an empty leg. 

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