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5 Reasons to Charter vs Owning A Jet

While owning a private jet can seem exciting, there are many reasons chartering is still the better option. Before you take out your checkbook, here are five reasons to charter your private jets instead of owning them. 

1) Cost-Effective

  • Owning a jet requires a check with a lot of zeros. Between the initial purchase, repairs, and upkeep, your cost begins to accumulate very rapidly. Chartering allows you to book with easy at a fraction of the cost. With jets constantly commuting, you will never have a problem finding a flight to book.

2) Maintenence

  • When you own your own jet, you are responsible for all of the bills and repairs that come with it. When you charter a private jet, you can book your jet and walk on with ease always knowing it will be kept up to par.

3) Constantly Moving

  • Depending on your travel needs, your jet could sit and collect dust for days, weeks, or even months if you are not traveling frequently enough. When you charter a jet, you never have to worry about your private jet wasting your money or getting rusty. 

4) Fully-Staffed

  • When you own your own jet, it is your responsibility to staff it. This includes experienced pilots, chefs, and attendants. When you charter a jet, you do not have to stress about making hires or making sure their qualifications are up to your standards. You can leave the hassles to us. Our staff is fully trained and ready to cater to your needs. 

5) Gas

  • Jet planes can burn roughly 850 gallons per hour. Fuel costs are extremely high in order to fill an entire tank of a private jet. This is another stressor we handle for you when you charter your private flight. 

Accommodating your next private flight is easy when booking through Studio Jet. Even in a moment’s notice, we can get you to your next location for vacation or business travel with safety and in style. We offer a variety of private jets to charter from that are sure to meet your needs while offering you lavish comfort and gourmet food.