5 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Private Jet Charter Flight and How to Avoid Them

Where’s My Plane?

Chartering a private jet is supposed to be a really great experience that blows flying commercially out of the water and leaving you to never want to fly commercial again.  However, what happens when the start of a great experience leaves you at the airport and your plane isn’t there at the time you wanted?  This happens more often than the private jet charter industry wishes it did.  But, did you you know that many times this can be avoided with a little extra planning?  Often times, your plane is finishing a different trip or might be delayed out of the airport it will be positioning from to come get you.  When booking your flight, it’s important to understand where your plane is coming from, to know what kind of delays might be expected.  Sometimes, we require the aircraft for our clients is in position the night before, so there is no need to position the aircraft right before the flight.  There are many factors that go into making sure a plane is on time, fueled and ready to go when you are.  This is why experience is important in understanding the process to ensure the aircraft is ready before you are.

Weather or not to wait?

Weather delays can affect any flight, no matter if it’s commercial or private, however the delays can actually be mitigated or reduced with a few secrets.  One of the worst calls you can get when wanting to depart on your private jet on time, is the dreaded call that there is a weather delay and you can’t leave for an hour or more.  How did this happen?  Can it be avoided?  Well, sometimes weather delays are sudden and unexpected, which leaves no choice but to wait it out, for your safety.  However, there are times when weather forecasts can give us a bigger picture and allow us to do some advanced planning.  For example, if we see from an advanced weather forecast, that the airport you want to depart out of, has a sever snow storm coming through around the time that you want to depart, we might suggest departing out of a different airport or rescheduling your departure time around the storm.  Having this advanced knowledge allows you to plan your travel and not get stuck behind a pile of snow, while your sunny vacation is happening without you.

Mechanical Issue

Mechanical issues on private jets can happen just like they do on commercial aircraft, your car or even your washing machine.  They are unexpected, unavoidable and worst of all, they occur at the times that are most inconvenient.  Mechanical issues can be anything from a flat tire, to a critical flight instrument failure, brake issues or anything that would compromise the safety of your flight.  Of course, your safety is always first and the crew’s first duty is to ensure the plane doesn’t depart if there is an issue that causes a safety concern.  However, what are the options in the even of a mechanical?  Well, with some charter companies, a call would come in telling you that the aircraft is unavailable due to the mechanical issue and sorry.  With Studio Jet, however, we believe it’s our duty to assist you to your destination in any way we can.  For some it means, getting them information on the next available commercial flight.  For others we secure a replacement aircraft as soon as we can.  Most important, is our communication with you as fast as we can to try and keep your schedule as close as we can.  So, while we know this is the toughest part of the business, we appreciate our client patience while we work really hard to keep you on track.

Where’s My Food?

So, while missing food isn’t worse than no plane, it is certainly something that can dampen your experience, as food is always important.  So, what can go wrong?  A wrong order, delayed delivery of the food, food not delivered at all or food delivered to the wrong aircraft are some of the reasons your catering can never make it on your plane.  We treat your custom requests, like catering just as important as the plane you book.  Why?  Because we treat your entire experience as one.  So, if it take ordering food from your favorite restaurant or ensuring an on time delivery, we say YES.  And, believe it or not, we’ve had to order catering twice, because the catering company messed up and we caught it early enough to make it appear to our passengers, like it never happened.

Waiting for my ride home

Who wants to wait a half hour after landing for their ground transportation to show up?  Not us.  And, certainly not our clients.  Drivers can get lost, go to the wrong terminal or FBO or even the wrong airport.  Studio Jet’s travel coordination team is on it.  Just like we track your catering and aircraft, your ground transportation gets the same attention.  From booking until your car door closes, we are keeping an eye on the whole process.

In private jet charter, things can happen.  Sometimes we are in control of the issue and sometimes not.  However, with advanced planning, many issues can be avoided, eliminated or at the very least resolved quickly.  Hiring the right private jet company is critical in attaining top level customer service and experience to help you have the most desired experience when travelling privately.  Don’t leave your trip to chance or in the hands of a company that simply books a plane for you.  To ensure the smoothest travel experience, you need a private jet company that has your interest in mind and takes control of your trip from booking to landing.  Studio Jet Aircraft Charter’s team of travel experts guides the entire process, to ensure you are taken care of throughout your experience.  

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