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A Look at The Most Luxurious Jets Worldwide

Has it ever crossed your mind that there are jets that have the most lavish and extravagant features? Sit back and buckle up, these features five jets are going to amaze you with their high-end finishes, capabilities, and of course their price tag. 

1) Embraer Lineage 1000E: $53 million.

 It’s based on the popular Embraer E190 regional airliner. This jet will make you feel right at home with its glamorous finishes and luxuries. It features its five cabin zones for entertainment, fine dining, work or peaceful rest.

2) Bombardier Global 7000: $73 million

Designed to be the ultimate long-distance, purpose-built private jet. 

3) The ACJ319neo: $101.5 million (before any customizations.) 

The jet has a range of nearly 7,800 miles and can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Geneva, Switzerland.

4) Boeing 787-8 BBJ: $224 million 

In 2016, China’s HNA Group spent an additional $100 million to turn one into a private jet — or, as Boeing calls it, a BBJ, or Boeing Business Jet.

5) Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental BBJ: $403 million.

The BBJ 747-8 is capable of flying 100 passengers up to 8,875nm (16,437km) – far enough to pair almost any two cities in the world.

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