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Have you ever been late for a flight? Had your gate changed the last minute? Maybe you sat in the airport for 3+ hours due to mechanical issues that continuously delayed your flight. 

We have all experienced the strains of flying commercial, but have you ever thought about the luxuries that come with flying private?

  • Arrive at the terminal and take off within minutes.

Even TSA Precheck doesn’t hold a candle to simply showing up minutes before your flight and boarding. 

  • No Pesky Baggage Fees

You can bring as much baggage as you’d like with no surcharges, but only as much as the physical confinements of the aircraft will allow. No more paying $30 for every additional bag.

  • Food Choices

Commercial flights are known for not having anything close to gourmet food. Cookies, pretzels, and the occasional stale meal are likely the only few options you have on commercial flights. When you fly private, you are in control of what is served. 

  • Land closer to your destination with 10x the airports commercial travel offers.

Private jets have more accessibility than commercial flights, making it easier for you to travel closer to your specific destination.

  • More Affordable Than You Think

For certain flights, it can be more affordable to charter a private jet with a bunch of friends and family members than it is to buy a first-class ticket on a commercial liner; the same amount you’d spend for there could earn you a business-class experience on a private jet, especially on domestic flights.

At Studio Jet, we pride ourselves in our luxury, safe, high-class private jets that are equipped to get you to your next destination in comfort and style. 

When you charter your private flight with us, you are guaranteed an elevated experience. We offer a variety of private jets to charter from that are sure to meet your needs while offering you lavish comfort and gourmet food. 

Book your private charter flight through Studio Jet for your trip by visiting: or call 818-769-3535