Charter King Air 200 and 350 in Los Angeles

King Air 200s and 350s are the most popular turbo props available for private charter. They typically seat 6-8 with travel time that is about the same as jets for flights about 1 hour in duration. King Airs are economical and safe aircraft that can handle missions optimally from 1-3 hours in flight time.

King Air 200s and 350s aren’t the only Los Angeles based turbo props. The Pilatus PC12 aircraft are amazing turbo prop aircraft as well. With luxury seating for 6 passengers, and speeds that are similar to the King Airs, the Pilatus PC12 is a client favorite for those looking for an economic private charter option for flights from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Napa, San Diego, Phoenix or any other short hop to or from the Los Angeles area.

So, if you are looking for a King Air or Pilatus turbo prop for your next private aircraft charter trip, give Studio Jet a call today 818-769-3535