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Charter the Cessna Citation Latitude

Choosing a private jet charter over flying with a big airline means you’re looking for a smooth, easy ride. Say goodbye to long lines at the airport, delayed flights, and poor customer service when you contact Studio Jet for your private jet chartering needs. We offer one-on-one support to find the most luxurious aircraft for your budget.

With countless options to choose from, we decided to make things simple for you and introduce one of the newest and most popular jets available for charter: the Cessna Citation Latitude.

One of the Ultra Mid-Size Jets options, the Latitude has the largest cabin of any of the Cessna jets. Unlike commercial flying, the plane is all yours to relax and enjoy a quiet sterile environment to work, or just enjoy the quiet. You can comfortably fit up to eight people on this aircraft with plenty of room for baggage, because of its wide and six-foot tall, flat-floored cabin.

If you’re a fan of the window seat, this might be the right jet for you—this Cessna has a lot of windows, and they’re 25% larger than other competitive aircraft types. The Latitude also boasts a maximum cruise speed of 826 km/h, meaning passengers can get from New York to Los Angeles in as little as five hours and two minutes!

Adding to the already high level of comfort, are the standard amenities that the jet charters with Studio Jet offers on most aircraft, access to WiFi, lavatory, and custom catering.

So, why choose this aircraft to charter over the others? If you’re looking to travel with multiple companions and bring a large amount of luggage, or simply want to bypass airport security and get to your destination smoothly and fast, the Cessna Citation Latitude should be your next pick for personal or business jet charters.

Contact us at 818-769-3535, or email us here to get the best price on your private jet charter with the Cessna Citation Latitude!