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Charter Your Jet Early or Pay the Price

If you are planning to go away for the upcoming holiday or this summer…you’d better get moving…  As private jets get scooped up by the early bookers, less inventory becomes available, and if you ARE planning on taking a private jet for your holiday trip, if there are none available in your city, it will cost you to bring one in from another one.  Although, during non-peak travel times, there are plenty of private jets to go around, during peak holidays like Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, New Years, Christmas, Labor Day and any other time when the elite like to vacation all over the world, jet chartering become more expensive…why?  Not because the rates go up, but because the inventory goes down.  We always advise our clients, that we will almost always be able to get them a plane…but if there is limited inventory, it might cost more to get one to their departure location, which can cost thousands of extra dollars.

During non-peak travel times, our clients can easily book planes two weeks or event one week in advance…but during peak travel times, the game changes significantly.   Getting a plane the week of in your city can sometimes be nearly impossible, forcing us to find private charter aircraft 100-200 miles away…and this means more flight time cost and a more expensive flight for you.  But, hey, if money is no object, Studio Jet can typically get you a plane in 2-4 hours….for those who are a little more budget conscious, give us a call at least 4-6 weeks prior to your vacation, so we can get you the most competitive jet charter pricing around.

Speak with a Studio Jet Charter Coordinator today at 818-769-3535.