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Chartering 101: Which Jet Best Suites You?

When you are booking your next private charter flight, there are a few key factors to take into consideration. Are you traveling for business, or vacation? How many people are traveling? How far away is your final destination? Will you require a restroom or cabin attendants?

At Studio Jet, we have a variety of private jet options to make sure we best fit both your business travel and vacation travel needs.

Light jets are used for shorter flights, about 2-4 hours nonstop. These are used for shorter hops (ex. flying from California to Texas, Las Vegas.) There is also no full sized bathroom on board.

Our mid-sized jets are similar to light jets in their mission, but can go a bit further. They also have more stand up room within the cabin for flyers. These jets are great for coast-to-coast options, but not all can go coast-to-coast nonstop. These also feature a fully enclosed bathroom.

Our ultra mid-size jets can go coast-to-coast nonstop. These jets usually are used for domestic travel, but have the capability to travel outside of the U.S. (ex. Europe.)

These are our top of the line corporate jets. Our Gulf Stream models are top of the line and have the ability to travel coast-to-coast. This is the option you are looking for if you are interested in cabin attendants on your flight. Gulfstream V and VI are capable to travel o New York nonstop.

Commercial jets are the ultimate comfort option. These have full bedroom and shower options an can seat up to 400 people.

These are are most economical option. They are slower because they are not jets, but perfect for flights between 1-2 hours.

Our helicopters have a specific mission and are typically for flights 30 minutes to an hour away. Speed is of the essence with our helicopters.
(ex. you land at JFK and need to fly to Manhattan in 7 mins.)

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