Corporate Business Road Show
Private Jet Charter

Sometimes a phone call or video chat isn’t enough to close the deal or connect with your clients.  Corporate and entertainment road shows come with very high demands for running smoothly and safely.  Details of a road show change frequently and your travel plans have to be able to adjust at the same pace.

There’s No Room For Error When Planning Your Corporate Road Show

There really is no room for error when your business group needs to arrive on time, refreshed and ready to roll.  Pop up issues relating to weather, traffic, schedule changes and other spontaneous glitches inevitable…How you recover from them, is where Studio Jet stands out.

Quick troubleshooting and staying on top of every detail of the trip, are just some of the methods we implement to keep you running at the pace you need.  From take off to landing and even while you are in your ground transportation, Studio Jet’s elite travel planners are monitoring the travel itinerary end to end, including preventative weather planning, alternate airport searches and of course regulating the FAAs guidelines for safe private jet travel.

Personal Planners Assigned for Every Corporate Flight

With Studio Jet’s Corporate Road Show trip planning team, the troubleshooting happens before the trouble begins.  Every flight is assigned a personal road show coordinator who is intimately involved in the planning and supervising of your trip, so you won’t be speaking with someone who has to pick up the pieces of your trip and figure things out.  This is Studio Jet’s corporate flight planning at it’s finest.

Every detail of your private flights, cars, hotels, food and specialty requests are looked after, to ensure that we stay one step ahead, so if something unexpected does arise, we can resolve it as quickly as possible, so your corporate road show doesn’t miss a beat.  There are even times when our clients don’t even know of an issue, because we resolve it before anyone even finds out.

Mechanical Issues and Aircraft Maintenance

When it comes to corporate road show private jets, there is one thing that is for certain, jets are complex machines are not immune to breaking down or having unplanned last minute issues.  With commercial travel, if something happens to the plane you are booked on, you would be lucky if you can get on a replacement aircraft sometimes even within 6 hours, however with charter, we are capable of dispatching a replacement aircraft within 2-4 hours and have you back on the road quickly.  There have even been times, when we have been able to recover from a mechanical in under an hour.

Change Happens and We are Ready for It

To ensure that the corporate road shows goes smoothly, we check, double check and triple check the itinerary and every detail along the way…and then we check it again throughout the business road show to ensure everything is going according to plan…and if not, we make adjustments on the fly to meet your ever changing needs.

If you are looking to book a private jet for your next corporate road show and need quality all the way through…then don’t save a few dollars and risk taking chances with companies that aren’t really equipped to handle your corporate road show itinerary.

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