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Discounted Private Jet Charter Flights for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again…to book your holiday travel flights.  Don’t let the process of getting to your family for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, be stressful, leave the stress to the time you actually spend WITH your family, not getting there…Allow Studio Jet’s concierge private jet charter team take care of everything, from picking you up at your home, to getting you to the airport and then to your final destination…in true door-to-door service.

Studio Jet’s unique private jet travel coordination service utilizes the best network of air and ground equipment, to make sure you arrive rested and without the standard stresses of private travel…and at the most competitive private jet charter pricing in the industry.

Did you know that chartering a private jet can cost less than first class commercial travel?  How, you ask?  The numbers are quite simple.  The top private jets can seat 10-14 passengers.  With a full family, paying for first class tickets can easily exceed the cost of utilizing a private jet, making private jet travel a discount over commercial pricing.  To learn more about how this can work for your specific needs, give Studio Jet Charter a call today at 818-769-3535 and discuss your specific travel needs with a travel coordinator today.