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Does Speed Matter to You?

Sometimes getting there isn’t the only goal…sometimes, getting there fast and saving time is what really matters.  Did you know that there are two specific planes which are currently the fastest civil jets available for charter?  That’s right, the Gulfstream 650 and the Citation X are the two fastest private jets currently available for charter.

A typical jet like a 737, Airbus A320, Hawker 800 or Lear 60 go about 500 to 550 miles per hour.  The Citation X and the Gulfstream 650 aircraft are capable of going just under the speed of sound…for those who aren’t good at math, that is about 720 miles per hour – which means, these planes, in many cases, can get you to your destination in as much as 25% faster than most other aircraft.  WOW!  That can translate into several hours of time shaved off your travel time!

To learn more about the Gulfstream 650 and Citation X, and how much time they can save you on your next flight, give Studio Jet a call at 818-769-3535.