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Don’t Drive to Burning Man When You Can Fly Private

Burning Man is a great event and loads of fun…but driving in and out of Black Rock City, near Reno, can be a real drag.  Did you know that Burning Man opens a private landing strip for easy convenient flights to and from Burning Man?  There are 2 ways to do it…one is to fly to Reno and then drive to Black Rock City…or you can take advantage of Burning Man’s temporary landing strip and fly right into the event.  But beware…there are important caveats when taking a private plane to and from Burning Man…you really want an experienced aircraft charter company handling your details, or you could really be disappointed.

One of the things that can affect your arrival at Burning Man’s Black Rock City airport, is weather.  Because Black Rock City’s temporary landing strip is all dusty clay dirt, a windy day can reduce the visibility and safety for arriving aircraft…and of course if it rains, the ground can get soft, also making the landing conditions unsafe for arrivals.  Despite these issues being rare during Burning Man’s event, they can occur, and it is important to be aware of this before you schedule your flight.  These issues could affect your arrival time of even your arrival date!  Because there are only a few approved aircraft charter operators that are allowed to get into Black Rock City’s landing strip…the private flights to Burning Man get booked very early and can often get sold out, so if you are interested in flying in via private charter, give us a call as early as you know you are going to the event.

Now, put both together, the facts, that there are only a few approved vendors, the weather can affect incoming flights and the fact that the few approved operators have full schedules, and the last thing you need to be aware of, is that if you have a scheduled 9am private charter to Burning Man and the flight before you gets delayed….be aware that this may affect you.  Studio Jet’s scheduling department tries to keep things on schedule as best as possible, but a caveat of booking a flight to Burning Man, is to be a little flexible on your departure time.

So, want to make your experience event better?  Contact Studio Jet Charters for your upcoming trip to Burning Man, and don’t get left in the dust.  There are several types of propeller aircraft that can get into Black Rock City airport, like the Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC12 and a variety of helicopters.  Most private jet operators will not fly into Burning Man due to the harsh landing strip conditions.

We are available 24/7 to answer an further questions you may have about flying into Black Rock City’s Airport at Burning Man – 818-769-3535.