First Class or Private Jet?

You are on your way to a very important business trip. You are in a rush and encountering all of the average commercial airline hassles: security, luggage, delays. You have upgraded to first class and enjoy the comfort of being pampered. But, despite this upgrade, you are still not in control. Flying commercial takes time, and the plane only takes off when all of the passengers are seated and the staff is ready to go.

Even when flying high-class on a commercial flight, you still cannot manage or control your surroundings. You might be first class, but you cannot guarantee your flight won’t be delayed, or your gate won’t change. You can’t guarantee that there will not be a young family with crying children on your 2 hours flight. You will not have the luxury to comfortably think or make phone calls for a meeting. You are at the mercy of the fate of commercial airlines.

When flying private, you are in control of your situation. You can choose to sit back an unwind with a bottle of champagne and our finest dining while enjoying our on board entertainment. You have the power to conduct a constructive in person or digital meetings in the comfort of your own cabin space.

First class is nice, but we want you to experience fabulous, luxury, and comfort at affordable rates. Contact us at: studiojet.com