What Do You Do When You Get a Call That Your Booked Plane is No Longer Available?

So, you got a strange call from your charter company…”Sorry, but the plane you booked will not be available to depart until 3 hours after your desired departure time” or maybe you got this one, “Unfortunately, the plane you booked had a mechanical issue and will not be available for your trip.”  Ooookay…..so what are you supposed to do now?  Well, the reality is, that a mechanical issue can happen, or there could be circumstances like weather or traffic delays that can affect the ability for your plane to get to you on time…but if you get that dreaded call, what are you supposed to do?  Shouldn’t your charter company take care of you and not drop the ball?

On a commercial flight, you would probably be put on the next available flight….with private jet charter, because you are chartering a specific aircraft, you could be out of luck and be left having to find a new plane for your trip.  With Studio Jet our dedicated charter team stays on top of weather, traffic and unexpected scheduling to do our absolute best to make sure you can show up to your plane on time, and not even think about everything that happens behind the scenes to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Our clients often ask us if they can book a plane last minute, or can they count on us to call last minute.  The answer we give our clients, is that we can almost always guarantee that we can get them a plane, 24 hours a day, often with as little as 2 hours notice…however, with advance notice, we have a chance of getting better pricing for most itineraries.

With access to hundreds of aircraft worldwide, getting replacement aircraft for our clients in these difficult circumstances is part of what separates us from other jet charter companies.  While other companies might give up on you, Studio Jet Charter works hard to ensure your charter flight goes as scheduled – and if it can’t we work hard to get you a replacement as soon as possible.  So, while we may have to put you in a different aircraft model, or there may be a change in cost due to the replacement aircraft, Studio Jet Charter will not leave you standing at the airport wondering what to do.  We are your travel department and we are here for you.

Give Studio Jet Aircraft Charter a call today to find out way our client rely on us for themselves, their families and their clients.  Do you trust your charter company?