Hidden Germs You Are Exposed to When Flying Commercial

Has it ever crossed your mind how many germs you are exposed to when flying commercial?

New studies have results that may surprise you. When tested, the bins at airport security were over six times more contaminated than the public restroom. Their test results displayed contamination including e. coli, klebsiella, and acinetobacter. These are bacteria that are typically found within our intestines, known as “fecal bacteria.”

Aside from the already alarming data, these bacteria can cause infections in healthy individuals. Touching your eyes with your hands or exposing an open wound to these can cause severe harm.

Aircraft seat belts and armrests also came back with a reading of over four times worse than the public restrooms at an airport. The tray tables had the most significant reading. A “clean” rating is 100, and the tray table came back with a reading of over 1,600.

When you fly private, you are not only guaranteed luxury, comfortability, and lavish food, but a clean and safe environment.