How to Choose the Right Private Jet

Before you book your private charter flight, there are many factors to take into consideration. Here are five things to keep in mind when you are looking to charter your next private jet: 

1) The Design

When booking your charter flight, details such as the interior space and cabin configuration are important to take note of. Along with this, the bigger the jet, the bigger the cabin.

2) The Passengers and Their Needs

Your passengers’ needs will determine the cabin size you require.

3) The Destination

What destination did you have in mind? A quick trip across the state, across the country, or international flight? Different jets are more equipped for short and long distances. 

4) The Budget

As the jets go up in style and accommodation, the price increases with it. Along with interior design increasing the budget, the destination plays a key role in the final price as well. Before you book, have an ideal budget in mind to stick to and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

5) Safety

When you fly private, it is crucial to research available any business who offer bookings and their reputation. At Studio Jet, we pride ourselves in our safety precautions and measures we take to always ensure you will travel in both style and security.

Accommodating your next private flight is easy when booking through Studio Jet. Even in a moment’s notice, we can get you to your next location for vacation or business travel with safety and in style. We offer a variety of private jets to charter from that are sure to meet your needs while offering you lavish comfort and gourmet food. 

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