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How to Get the Best Price on a Private Jet Charter Rental
in Florida

Chartering a private jet in Florida was once reserved for the top 1%.  Now, it doesn’t have to be.  Believe it or not, with a small group, you can actually charter a plane for the cost of flying everyone first class.  So, how do you find these private jet deals?  It’s a good question, but not easy to answer.  

Where is the Jet Coming From?

Chartering a private jet in Florida can be a challenge.  With several aircraft charter operators located at Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach airports, how do you know which aircraft is the best for you?  How do you know you are getting the best pricing? Private jet aircraft operators usually have a fleet of aircraft.  When calling to book an aircraft, these aircraft operators typically can only quote you on one of their aircraft.  What this means for you, is that if they don’t have a small jet and you need a small jet, they will send you a quote for a larger more expensive aircraft, when you don’t really need it.  What you may not know, is that there is another aircraft operator located right next door that has the exact plane and price you need.  Sometimes, there aren’t any nearby aircraft, but there are operators who have floating fleets.  This means that they have their fleet of aircraft constantly floating around the globe and all you need is for one to be at the airport you are leaving from to get the best price on that jet.

Get the Right Plane for the Job!

The next most important thing is choosing the correct jet, helicopter or aircraft for your mission.  This might sound obvious, however, as mentioned above, it’s possible that the company choosing the jet for you, might not be able to provide the right jet and might be giving you something too big, or maybe even too small for what your group needs.  Did you know that there are some really great planes that are comfortable for 8 people, but can’t take luggage for 8 people?  How annoying would it be to arrive for your flight only to find out it can’t accommodate your skis, golf bags, or the amount of luggage you all brought?  Making sure you are placed in the right sized jet is important in securing the best price.  You don’t need a large cabin Gulfstream to fly from Florida to Georgia, and you don’t want a Citation Bravo to take you from Florida to Los Angeles (unless you want a fuel stop and an extra hour added to your trip).  Making sure you select the right aircraft can have a significant impact on the price you pay for your private charter.

One-Way or Round Trip?

This question is actually quite important in determining your best price.  A one-way price can actually be more expensive than a round trip and a one-way can be less than a round trip.  Yes, it’s confusing.  When looking for the best price on a private jet, understanding your mission is very important.  Flying somewhere one-way can be more cost effective if you are going for a long time.  However, booking two one-ways for a shorter trip can actually be a lot more expensive than a round trip.  There are many reasons why, but the basics are that many planes have a home base and have to return to their home base after your trip.  This can make your flight more expensive, because it may include the cost to bring the plane back home.  Flying round trip can be very costly because more private jet aircraft have a daily minimum.  This means that if a plane has a 2 hour daily minimum, you can be paying for 2 hours per day for it to sit on the ground.  Being able to understand the mission of your trip will allow your travel coordinator to provide you with the best option for your trip and get you the best pricing without overpaying.

Ok, so now that you understand how important location, aircraft size and type and whether you are flying round trip or one-way is to the jet you want to charter, how do you find these secret jets?  That’s where the challenge begins and ends.  The good news is that hiring a good charter broker who knows their way around private jet charter in Florida and surrounding areas, is the best way to get the best priced jet.  But remember, not all brokers are created equal.  Some are about the quick booking and won’t take the time to ask all the right questions.  Some brokers might get incentives to use a specific charter operator, which skews their ability to have your best interest in mind.  And, some brokers are just too lazy to actually do the work to represent you as a VIP client.  Studio Jet Aircraft Charter, treats all of our clients like VIPs and we take our jobs very seriously.  Our clients want the best planes at the best prices and all while keeping them safe.  That’s the Studio Jet difference.  To learn how Studio Jet can make your next trip amazing, give us a call today at 818-769-3535.

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