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Jet Cards vs. On Demand Charter

Over the years, jet ownership has steadily decreased and, when you look at the data, it is no surprise. Private jet charters are the best options for many reasons, and we’re going to break down the facts. 


There are more cost downsides than benefits with ownership. First, the major tax benefits that came along with fractional ownership no longer exist. People are also more hesitant to pay the upfront costs in down payments into one specific jet. Sure, your hourly costs are down but upfront costs increase with ownership. 

To make up the difference, you would need to be flying between 100 and 200 hours per year to justify the upfront cost On top of this, depreciates at a 6% to 7% rate year over year and even faster for fractional ownership.

Contracts and Fees

If you decide you aren’t satisfied with your jet purchase, you are most likely bound to a two-year contract that won’t allow you to buy out. If you do buy out after the contract is done, the upfront costs and fees can be more than your initial investment.


With fractional ownership, you are forced to split a jet and availability between yourself and others. What if you require the jet on the same day? What if you need the private jet for Los Angelos but they are planning on using the private jet to visit Florida or New York? Or what if you have a mechanical issue? How do you split the repair? Is there a temporary replacement provided? Will it delay your trip?

Chartering your flight to your destination is the best hassle-free option. By becoming a Jet Cardmember, you are guaranteed the same luxuries with half the cost and flexible solutions. Whether you are looking for an executive jet charter or business charter, book your next flight with Studio Jet.