Last Minute Jets with as Little as 2 Hours Notice

Most trips we take allow us to plan in advance. However, there are always those last minute trips that pop up without notice and leave us scrambling to find a solution to our destination without breaking the bank. In the private jet world, with the high demand, it can actually be difficult find a last minute jet. One would think that with enough money, anything should be possible. While this is may work to a certain degree, finding a jet last minute, especially during peak holiday times, can be a real challenge.

Studio Jet Aircraft Charter has been serving private charter clientele for almost two decades and experience that can wrap the world several times. From international travel to customs handling, domestic last minute arrivals, corporate and entertainment road shows and more, Studio Jet Aircraft Charter knows how to get it done, with the safest and most experience aircraft and crew available for charter.

With access to hundreds of aircraft, worldwide, getting clients last minute jets and many times at incredible last minute pricing, is a specialty. In most cases, Studio Jet can dispatch a jet to wheels up from a departure airport in as little as 2 hours. Dispatch time is quite important, as there are many trips that simply can’t be planned in advance and certainly, in the event of an existing flight’s cancellation, options can quickly dwindle.

Many times, with last minute trips, Studio Jet can match clientele up with empty leg flights, often times reducing the cost by 25%-50% off retail charter costs. However, finding those aircraft might not be an easy feat. This is why experience is critical in ensuring charter clients with the utmost care and safe travel options for any private aircraft itinerary.

For your last minute private jet, contact Studio Jet Aircraft Charter today at 818-769-3535.