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Los Angeles Private Jet Charter Services
Worldwide Travel Safety and Reliability
Comes First, Second and Third.

Top level Maintained Private Jets for Your Business Travels Across the USA and Internationally

Are you tired of the difficulties which occur with your travel on commercial flights? Everyone has suffered from at least one flight delay, baggage issue or even a full cancellation. Although you may have more flexibility when you are not traveling for an important business meeting or for an important event, you certainly can’t afford issues when you must be somewhere at a certain time.  Feel free to contact Los Angeles Jet Charter Services. Chartering a jet is the best way to enjoy luxurious travel to your destination without the challenges of commercial travel. We offer jet charter service in Los Angeles as well as thousands of other big and small cities in the USA, Europe and any other international destination you need to get to. All of Studio Jet’s affiliates and aircraft operators comply with the FAA’s strict regulations for safest and crew training and are well known for providing excellent service pre, post and during the flight. So, why not experience the luxury of flying with Studio Jet air charter to get you to your next destination.

Do not wait for airlines to be ready for you.  The plane should be waiting for you.

Those who frequently travel on commercial airlines, understand the value of time. There is time spent checking in, there are weather delays, aircraft delays, baggage issues, crowds, security lines and more. All of this can be avoided when traveling private with Studio Jet.  Our pre-flight safety inspections and security save you time on the ground and get you in the air quicker.  Once you board, it’s time to go.  That’s how it works with private jet travel.  Comfortable, safe and quick.  Your journey from Los Angeles to New York or anywhere worldwide is simply enjoyable, with Studio Jet’s charter services.

Flexibility in Travel:

Finding a last minute commercial seat can be challenging, especially during peak travel.  Getting a charter flight can be as quick as departing in 2-4 hours.  Studio Jet’s Los Angeles Jet Charter Services allows our corporate clients to reach their destination as quickly as required. We offer jets with various sizes to accommodate your group and pricing. You can choose a jet from light jets, mid-size jets, ultra-mid-size jets and large jets according to your group and itinerary’s requirements.

Our highly trained and qualified pilots know how to navigate the skies and get you through the toughest airports and traffic to ensure the best point to point experience.

Here is a list of popular airports in the Los Angeles area:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)  Located about 16 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles is one of the busiest international airports in the world.
  • LA/Ontario International Airport (KONT) An estimated 38 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, in the city of Ontario, CA is a great option to avoid the major airport congestion.
  • Van Nuys Airport (KVNY) The world’s busiest general aviation airport located in Van Nuys, California in the San Fernando Valley is the premiere executive aviation airport in Los Angeles.
  • Bob Hope Airport (KBUR) The closet Los Angeles airport to Burbank, California, Griffith Park and Hollywood. Located about three miles northwest of the central business district of Burbank, CA.   This is the perfect airport for a quick getaway to avoid the major Los Angeles airport traffic.
  • Long Beach Airport (KLGB) Around 23 miles southeast of the central business district of Los Angeles  offers better access to Southern California’s coastal cities.
  • John Wayne Airport (KSNA) – Located in Santa Ana, California provides the best airport access to Disneyland, the Honda Center, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim.
  • Santa Monica Airport (KSMO)  The only airport located in Santa Monica is about 6 miles north of LAX airport.
  • Chino Airport (KCNO) About 3 miles southeast of the central business district of Chino, CA, and about 43 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles.  This airport offers access to Los Angeles as a good alternate airport.    

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