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Miami, Florida Private Jet Charter Services
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Imagine being in one of our luxury private jet flights overlooking the waves of the Atlantic crashing on the shoreline of Miami, Florida. In the city of Miami, the entertainment is endless, the people are eclectic and the food is like none other. The recreation stretches from the street festivals and nightlife on the shore to the cruise lines and parties off of the shore. 

As one of the most traveled private jet destinations, there is no shortage of empty leg flights and special discounted pricing, to and from the Florida region, all year round.  When you charter a private flight through Studio Jet, we can get you to or from Miami on a whim and in style. Ready to hit the waves? Give us a call today to book your next private jet for your vacation.

Looking for empty leg pricing from New York to Miami or visa versa?  With 100s of aircraft traveling up and down the eastern coast of the United States, daily, there is no shortage of getting you great pricing for your one-way or round trip itinerary to or from Florida.

Airports in and Around Miami, FL

  • Opa Locka Executive Airport (IATA: OPF; ICAO: KOPF; FAA: OPF): 

This 24-hour airport is conveniently located just 15 miles north of downtown Miami via I-95 south. Miami’s International Airport has a high traffic volume, making Opa Locka the preferred airport for private jet charter.

  • Miami International Airport (KMIA, MIA): 

One of the most crucial hubs in the Western Hemisphere. This 24-hour airport has Signature Flight Support and is located 8 miles northwest of the central business district of Miami. This serves as a hub for both commercial and private charter flights. 

  • Miami Executive Airport (IATA: TMB; ICAO: KTMB; FAA: TMB) 

Formerly known as Tamiami Executive. This 24-hour airport features two runways and suited for executive and luxury aircraft. There is an additional smaller runway for smaller aircraft. 

Most Requested Charter Flights to/from Miami

  • Private Jet: New York to Miami
  • Jet Charter: Miami to the Bahamas
  • Private Jet: Los Angeles to Miami
  • Private Jet: Chicago to Miami

To book your private flight to Miami, Florida, contact Studio Jet at 818-769-3535 or online at