Most Popular International Thanksgiving Destinations 2019

Most of us think of Thanksgiving with traditional concepts like family, home, and turkey. But sometimes switching up the pace is exciting and healthy. Or, maybe your circumstances for the holidays have changed last minute. No matter what the case be, Thanksgiving weekend is a great excuse to get out of your normal routine and take a private jet charter to somewhere new and exciting. Here are the top international Thanksgiving travel destinations for the weekend:

1) London, England

London offers a variety of entertainment during the holiday season that is too good to pass. To make up for the early sunset during this time of year, displayed in London are the famous Christmas lights of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, and Covent Garden are all on by Nov. 15. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is also open from Nov. 21 with over 100 activities to take advantage of. It’s a cross between a Christmas market and an amusement park.

2) Rome, Italy

If you are looking for great food for turkey day, look no further. Italy is known for its fine dining and tasting. All of the amazing flavor without the hassle of having to prepare or clean yourself. A trip to Rome is not complete without visiting the Vatican Museums.

3) Tokyo, Japan

November is the perfect time to visit Tokyo, and yet, it is not the highest season for tourists. November has great weather conditions, beautiful autumn colors, and fewer tourists than other times of the year. Tokyo offers a variety of flavor and food but still a lot of restaurants that offer the traditional turkey dinner, if that is what you prefer. One of the most popular autumn festivals in Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Gaien Ginkgo Festival “Icho Matsuri” (神宮外苑いちょう祭り) will be held from mid to late November.

4) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is the top destination for international travel over Thanksgiving, according to Allianz Global Assistance’s Top 10 Thanksgiving Destination Index. Let’s be honest–who wouldn’t want to spend Thanksgiving under the sun with a drink in your hand and toes in the sand? This one explains itself. 

5) Paris, France

Paris has a charm of its own that changes with every season. You can visit a museum like the Louvre or the Orsay museum, or have a cup of coffee at a terrace. Another primal spot for Thanksgiving is to go see the Christmas illuminations that shine around town since mid-November, like the ones on the Champ-Elysees.

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