If you are looking for a New Year’s Eve paradise, look no further than the Bahamas. Plan on a celebration filled with parades, traditional junkanoo dancing and music, and beautiful waters. It is truly a breathtaking and energetic adventure. Imagine Mardi Gras but for New Year’s Eve: this is the Bahamas experience you can expect. Nassau is said to have the best and biggest parade. You can also count on the fun carrying over into New Year’s Day. The Junkanoo parades take place on December 26 and January 1 from 2 am to 9 am.

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Airports In and Around The Bahamas

  • Princess Juliana International Airport:
  • Ranked number two in the top ten busiest airports for private jet charter flights
  • Located on the southwestern side of the island by Maho Beach
  • Ranked as one of the Caribbean’s best airport for its accommodations
  • Second largest airport for travel to the Caribbean

Most Requested Charter Flights to/from The Bahamas

  • Private Jet: the Bahamas to Chicago
  • Jet Charter: the Bahamas to Los Angeles
  • Private Jet: the Bahamas to New York

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