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Jet Set to New York – Teterboro

What can we say about New York? Well…we can tell you to enjoy the finest dining, shopping and entertainment the United States has to offer…but that would be an understatement. We can also tell you to allow Studio Jet Charter to arrange your private jet from anywhere in the world to one of New York’s many exclusive airports, not accessible by commercial jets.

New York’s commercial airports are some of the busiest and most crowded in the country, and getting in and out of them, especially when the weather doesn’t cooperate, can make things even more frustrating.  With access to thousand’s of airports in the nation that only private jet’s can get into, it’s no wonder many people travel via a private jet charter.  One of the most popular private jet airports in the New York area is Teterboro.  Actually located in New Jersey, Teterboro airport is the closest private jet airport to Manhattan.  Only 45 minutes drive or a 10 minute helicopter ride, Teterboro airport is a favorite amongst the private jetsetters heading to or from the New York area.

If you are flying to or from New York, let Studio Jet Charter Services be the one to get you where you need to be.

Call us today at 818-769-3535 to find our how New York won’t just be a destination, but an experience of a lifetime.