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New York Private Jet Rental

Renting a private jet out of the New York or New Jersey area can be quite confusing. There are many jet companies, aircraft types and even several airports available in the New York metropolitan area. This is why using a top level jet charter broker is critical to the safety of your family, co-workers or employees.

With so many aspects to your trip and so many details of your private jet charter to understand, using a well experienced jet charter company, like Studio Jet, can actually save you money, time and ensure everything goes as smooth as you imagine it should.

There are several dozen different types of aircraft to charter. So, how do you know which is best, without paying more than you need to? Or how do you know the airport you asked about is the closest one to your destination on the ground? If you want the best and easiest experience when renting a private jet, then the only way to go is with Studio Jet Aircraft Charter. With us, it just doesn’t get any simpler.

When booking a new private aircraft trip, we ask a few questions to best understand your mission, then our professional staff’s 20 plus years of experience suggest the aircraft type, airport recommendation and best pricing available in the safest aircraft in the industry. We hold your hand with a dedicated trip specialist for each trip, so you are never alone and always have 24 hour contact with our office.

To learn more about your next private jet rental, call Studio Jet at 818-769-3535.