New York Jet Charter – Private Jet Services

Fly Comfortably and Luxuriously to Your Destination with Ease

Do you know how it feels to book a charter jet out of the New York or New Jersey area, in just a few minutes and fly to your destination smoother than the air your flying in?  With private flying, there’s no standing in the long customs lines for international flights or long airport security for domestic travel.  The experience of flying private out of the New York or New Jersey area is like nothing you have ever experienced.   Studio Jet is proud to offer you one of the best expereinces for jet charter out of the New York area.  We can provide a wide range of aircraft and sizes to fit your group’s specific needs and budget to make your journey as comfortable and enjoyable as you would expect.  Studio Jet Charter understands that your expectation of convenient is very high.  We have been aiming higher for our clients for over 15 years utilizing the safest and most luxurious aircraft available for private charter.

Fly on Your Schedule

One of the greatest benefits of flying in private jets is time.  With private jet charter services, your trip will often be hours less than commercial travel.  From boarding, to luggage handling to customs for international flights, everything is just, simply, faster.  Our trained dispatch staff is carefully monitoring weather and traffic delays to advise you in advance, so we can try our best to avoid delays if at all possible and get you to your destination quickly.


All of the contracted pilots in the Studio Jet network are top trained and experienced with thousands of hours of combined flying in the specific aircraft you will be using.  They know how to handle our clients with care and ensure the flight is flown at a top level of safety.  Studio Jet’s New York Jet services are paramount in the industry, which is why our clients keep coming back.

We Believe in Establishing a Long-Lasting Relationship

Studio Jet is not one of the private jet charter services that our clients soon forget. We believe in establishing a long-lasting relationship with each and every client and passenger. We have been serving the New York and New Jersey area for over 15 years and our return clients are the very best testament.  From corporate to media, film, private sector, medical and several other industries, our experience knows how to handle your specific needs while traveling.  

Contact Studio Jet Charter today for your New York, New Jersey or worldwide itinerary and learn why our clients keep returning for more.