Not All Private Jets Are Created Equal

What’s if you went to an ice cream shop and ordered a small cone, and the server told you that all they had was an extra large?  Or, what would happen if you went in for a birthday cake for 20 and all they had was a cake for 10?  In the private jet world, not all jets are created equal and not all jets are perfect for what you need.  Why would you book a 7 seat plane for 4 people?  Why would you get a 10 seat plane for 10 people….wait!  That should makes…well it would, however most private jets are equipped with a variety of seats…like captains chairs and divans (couches for those who need translation).  No that you understand that, do you really want to sit hip to hip with another passenger for 4 hours?  Maybe if they are kids…but what about executive clients?  There is a lot more to a plane than just the number of seats…so be very careful when booking.

Studio Jet Charter coordinators are very careful in confirming the group type, to make sure the recommended aircraft meets your needs, and we are also careful to watch your budget and not fit your group in a private jet that is too big….because that means more money.  Because there are so many types of private jets, there really is something that fits every need.