Private Jet Charter Just Got More Affordable

Private jets used to be reserved for those lucky enough to be able to afford the opulent lifestyle of the rich and famous, or if you have a friend with a jet. However, private jets have become more accessible in recent times.

Private jet charter used to have access to few aircraft with extremely high operating costs, making it very hard to access. Nowadays, there are thousands of private jets flying the friendly skies and due to advanced technologies, the cost of flying has come down significantly. All of these things create the perfect storm of increasing availability and access to private jets without the need for millions of dollars that it used to take.

Believe it or not, the word discount and private jet actually can be found together, in the same sentence. How? You ask. 1,000s of private jets are flying every day. Many jets are flying empty…YES. Empty. When a jet drops someone off, they often have to return to their home base. This is known as an empty leg. The plane is flying anyway, and the aircraft operator would love to sell the flight. However, because the itinerary is last minute, or not as flexible as a fully retail charter flight, the operator is willing to sell it for 50% off the normal cost…so, in essence, a discount private jet charter flight.

Now, the secret is to know how to find these flights. While there aren’t really any sources for the general public to find them, there are services like Sky500.com and StudioJet.com that specialize in finding clients the best prices on the most reliable and safe aircraft in the charter industry. Not only do these two companies match their clients with great pricing, but they ensure the experience from booking to landing, is beyond the expectations of their clients. Private jet charter with Sky500.com and Studio Jet are one of few ways to still experience a high level of customer and client service.

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