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Private Jet Flights Little Secret

Did you know that almost half of all private jet charter flights are one-way flights.  Almost all charter aircraft have a home base and need to end up back at “home” after each charter flight…or it cost the charter operator a lot of money.  With these two ingredients it’s clear that after a private jet makes its drop at the passenger’s destination, it needs to head back “home” as quickly as possible.  What this means for private jet travelers is that there is a deal to be made and the travelers have the edge in negotiating a good deal…Most retail charter prices are based on the plane going from it’s home to the destination and then back to its home base.

When a plane is away from home and it has completed the “drop,” it’s time to come home…and because the original passenger already paid the full “round trip” cost of the flight, anything the operator makes on the return flight is profit.  What this means for the savvy traveler, is that there is a deal to be had.  At this point, the traveler can make a reasonable offer, and depending on how desperate the operator is to get their plane back home, the better a price the traveler can get.

For example, let’s say Jimmy wants to go from Los Angeles to New York in a large cabin jet.  Normally the one-way flight would cost about $50K-60K (this includes the cost to get the plane back to its home based after making the drop).  Once the plane is in New York, say that Billy wants to go from New York to Los Angeles…he can offer $10K for the jet and get the same service that Jimmy paid.  This is called an EMPTY LEG JET CHARTER flight, because Billy is taking advantage of what would be an EMPTY LEG for the jet…if no one flew on the return flight.   Now, don’t get too excited just yet…the market has a good grasp on this and you typically won’t see Gulfstream jet go for $10K from coast to coast….Because there is so much demand for this routing, this flight would probably go for about $20K-30K…but it all depends on the demand.

So, how do you find these EMPTY LEG JET CHARTER FLIGHTS?  Just ask Studio Jet to check your itinerary to see if there are any available.  Because this is our business, we know who has empty leg flights, when they are available and we match our clients all the time.  Let us help you.  Give us a call today.