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Private Jet Secret…Size Does Not Matter

When it comes to chartering a private jet, you need to use the right size plane…this means not paying for something too big or being frugal and getting something too small for your group.  Believe it or not, many charter flights have 2-4 people travelling, when the average light charter jet usually seats 6-7 passengers…  So, why pay for 3 empty seats…ok, it’s not that your paying for the seats, but you are paying for a larger plane.

One of jet charter’s newest aircraft in the industry is the Phenom 100 by Embraer.  The Phenom 100 is a 4 seat aircraft…but wait…this isn’t in the same category as the Eclipse 500, which is a 4 seats jet, but should really only be for 3 or so.  The Phenom 100 is a true 4 adult comfortable plane.  And, unlike the Eclipse 500 or Citation I.  The Phenom 100 has a fully enclosed lavatory are more luggage space than most entry level light jets.  What this means, is that you and 3 guests can take a Phenom 100 to your destination with golf clubs AND luggage.  This is quite rare for private jets in this category, but it is true and shows, by being one of our most requested aircraft for short flights, not only because of it’s great interior, but because it is also boasts incredibly economical pricing over its competitor aircraft.

Want to learn more about the Phenom 100 or see photos?  Visit the Studio Jet Charter aircraft Gallery.