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Safe, Comfortable Private Travel with Jet Charter Experts

Chartering a jet has always been a difficult experience. How do you know the company you are using practices the safest procedures. How do you know the aircraft you are chartering has been maintained as well as it should? Studio Jet Aircraft Charter’s 17+ years of experience is the answer to all of your concerns.

Top Safety Record

With over 17 years in the business and zero accidents, Studio Jet takes safety very seriously. All of the Studio Jet aircraft operators meet a very rigorous process, which includes researching the operator’s history, operating procedures, crew training requirements and everything in between. We do all of this and more to ensure that every passenger we fly feels safe and comfortable from booking to landing.

Safest Charter Aircraft in the Industry

There are many aircraft operators who might meet the FAA’s approval, but are right on the line…or maybe they meet the FAA’s approval for the certification process, but don’t keep up with the requirements in between visits. Believe it or not, it’s true. Studio Jet’s network of affiliates not only meet the FAA’s approval for a certified charter company, but also meet stricter guidelines by several industry leading third party auditors, who ensure their compliance day in and day out. In addition, Studio Jet conducts it’s own audit to ensure crew training and aircraft operations are above and beyond the standards that we would want for our own families.

Expert Travel Coordinators Assigned for Every Flight

Something that sets Studio Jet apart from other aircraft charter companies is customer service. Yes. The lost art of actually caring about our clients. While many other companies book flights and leave the rest to you. Studio Jet assigned a charter coordinator to every client for every flight to ensure you have a 24 hour contact before during and after your flight. Call us for anything. Need a special type of water? Something special on board for a birthday or special event? Give us a call at 4 in the morning or whenever you remember it. That’s what we’re here for…for you.

The holidays are coming up and travel isn’t getting easier out there. But it is, in here. Give Studio Jet Charter a call today for your upcoming travel. 818-769-3535 or Contact Us here.