Thanksgiving Jet Charters

Thanksgiving weekend is a great excuse to get out of your normal routine and take a private jet charter to somewhere new and exciting. Here are five travel destinations for Thanksgiving weekend:

1) Las Vegas, Nevada

Why not celebrate the holiday with champagne and poker? Or even with Britney Spears or Elvis? If you are looking for a glamorous upgrade to the way you spend your Thanksgiving, Vegas will surely never disappoint. 

2) Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: Cape Cod was actually the official landing point of the Mayflower in 1620. On the night before Thanksgiving, there’s a celebration at the monument commemorating the pilgrims’ first landing in the New World. The best part is the 3-hour Thanksgiving Day train ride where they serve a five-course, gourmet meal.

3) Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

If you are looking for a quiet but beautiful getaway, this is the best choice. This also happens to be America’s most visited National Park, making it a perfect candidate. You will find fall air and scenery but with less of a crowd. You can spend time outdoors hiking with over 150 trails in the park. After you hike, you can enjoy a full Thanksgiving dinner at Applewood Farmhouse full of turkey, mashed potatoes, and apple fritters. 

4) Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place to be all year round. It’s endless entertainment, water, and the sun never goes out of style. Take a trip to Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve to visit the sea turtles and tropical fish, pay tribute to America’s fallen soldiers at Pearl Harbor, or explore the numerous art and history museums on the island. Spending your Thanksgiving island style will never disappoint.

5) Miami Beach, Florida

For those of you who want a warm Thanksgiving, Miami will never disappoint. Even in the winter, you can expect to enjoy a 70-degree temperature. Along with the food, there is plenty of shopping. Find great bargains on the boardwalk at local boutiques while enjoying the amazing weather and food.

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