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The Private Jet Experience

Flying private is like the difference between taking a bus and taking a limousine to your destination.  For all intents and purposes, flying commercial jets is like flying a bus…albeit there is more room in the first class seating area of a plane…but the waiting on lines, showing up early, security checks and every other inconvenience is just the same public transportation experience most people get with taking a bus.

In contrast flying on a private jet provides conveniences typical to driving privately.  You can depart when you choose, select the type of vehicle or plane you want, enjoy the privacy of only your guests, avoid commercial delays, long security checks and every other inconvenience on working on someone else’s schedule.

Imagine driving right to the airport…right to the door of your plane, where your jet is waiting with the door open and the crew standing by.  You board your plane straight up the stairs, only a few feet from your car.  Don’t touch your luggage!  That will be handled by the crew of the private jet, who will load it directly into the plane, get you comfortable and in the air, within minutes of your arrival.  Can it get any easier?  And if you are flying internationally, customs, in many cases will board your plane and take care of all of the arrival documentation, before you even get off the aircraft.

Are you anxious to give it a try?  There truly is nothing like flying private…it is simply luxury, convenience and security all rolled into one package.