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Why Chartering Your Flight is the Best Choice

The question of whether or not to charter a jet is an easy one to answer when looking at the logistics.

The cost of maintenance for a self-owned jet can be astronomically high. Maintaining a crew, fuel, catering, landing fees, the over flight permits, etc, creates a lot of additional stress on an individual.

When chartering through a reliable company, like Studio Jet, we take care of all the additional hassles. We allow you to focus on your needs. Studio Jet was created by a team with a true knowledge and passion for our business. We have a high level of experience necessary to serve our clients. These are pilots who understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of this industry. Their job is to cater to each need and avoid any potential issues so you travel with ease.

Flying with us will allow you better rates for your budget while maintaining the excellent level of luxury and safety we pride ourselves in.