Federal Excise Taxes Halted on all Flights through 2020

The Federal government halted all federal excise taxes on private charter flights through the end of 2020. This means a 7.5% savings on all private flights. With the same level of executive service and upgraded cleaning and sanitizing, Studio Jet is still providing worldwide private jet flights. Contact our executive team for you 24 hour […]

Business Jet Charters

New York Jet Charter

When your business itinerary calls for something more demanding than a quick drive to an office downtown, Studio Jet’s business jet charter services may be what you need.  With the ability to fly to multiple cities in a single day and have ground transportation waiting at every stop…there is no downtime and plenty of productive […]

Private Jet Charter Flights Costs Less than Commercial?

Los Angeles Jet Charter

Did you know that traveling in groups can actually cost less than a commercial flight?  A full retail first class ticket, from Los Angeles to New York can cost about $3,500 for one seat.  A one-way flight in a 12 passengers Gulfstream jet can cost as little as $25,000 for the whole plane…this comes to […]

Corporate Road Shows

Business Jet Charter, New York Jet Charter

Corporate Road Showsand Executive Business Jet Charter Corporate meetings have become necessary in effectively closing many business deals, when phone calls or video conferences just won’t cut it.  Traveling plays an important role in accomplishing these meetings and developing business relationships.  When business travel is involved, especially, to a distant destination, jet charters are considered to be the […]

Depart with as little as 2 hours notice

Need to get somewhere quickly? Most companies tout getting an aircraft within 4-6 hours. Our average aircraft dispatch time is about 2-3 hours, nationwide…call us today 818-769-3535

Empty Leg Jet Charter

Los Angeles Jet Charter

One-Way Pricing Did you know that you can charter a jet for half price or less? Yes, it’s true, empty leg jet charter is a little known secret that allows anyone to charter planes that are flying empty…for half the price or even less.  So, yes, even with a luxury service, such as private jet […]

Planes, Props and Helicopter Charters

Business Jet Charter, New York Jet Charter

HELICOPTERS It doesn’t just have to be the latest Gulfstream jet…we also provide convenient options on executive helicopters, turbo prop aircraft and smaller planes for special needs, or short runway destinations. Sometimes a jet isn’t small enough for the airport you want to fly into, or maybe it’s only a quick 20 minute commute by […]